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Welcome to the Law Office of Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer John Michels. If you have been charged with the commission of a crime, it is crucial that you retain the skills of a highly knowledgeable criminal defense attorney!
If you have been arrested or are being accused of
committing a crime, contact Riverside Criminal
Defense Lawyer John L. Michels today.

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Contact the Law Office of John Michels at (951) 276-8900 to make an appointment for a free, confidential consultation. Mr. Michels understands the urgency involved when you are facing police interrogation, investigation and arrest, and as such is available any hour of the day or night.
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Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels has been successfully representing clients throughout Riverside for more than 16 years, and is devoted solely to the representation and defense of Criminal Law clients.
Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels will fight zealously to make sure that your Constitutional Rights are not violated by the police or the prosecutor. Protecting your rights is our first priority!

Criminal Defense Practice Areas in Riverside

A former prosecutor, Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels has extensive experience representing clients in a broad
range of criminal matters throughout the region, including (but not limited to) the following:

Assault & Battery - Zealous representation in all misdemeanor and felony
assault & battery cases, including:

· Aggravated Battery
· Assault resulting in Great Bodily Harm
· Assault with a Deadly Weapon
· Simple Assault
· Simple Battery

Penalty upon conviction will be based upon whether the conviction is for a misdemeanor or felony assault & battery charge, and
may include a jail sentence, prison sentence, mandatory payment of restitution and fines, and probation. A felony assault & battery
conviction may result in a strike being issued against a defendant’s criminal record.


Domestic Violence – Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer John L. Michels provides skilled defense in domestic violence cases. As
with assault & battery charges, domestic violence is considered a “wobbler” offense that may be charged as either a misdemeanor
or a felony, depending upon the circumstances and the harm suffered by the victim.

Under California Law, Domestic Violence charges may be brought against anyone with whom the defendant has a
close, personal relationship. This includes the defendant’s:

· Spouse
· Partner
· Child
· Parent
· Former Spouse or Partner
· The Mother / Father of the Defendant’s Child
· Any person with whom the Defendant is Living

If convicted, a defendant may be ordered to serve up to a year in the county jail or from one to four years in prison, as well as the
mandatory payment of fines and restitution, probation, community service, and counseling. An order of protection will be issued in
favor of the victim. Felony Domestic Violence is chargeable as a Three Strikes offense under California Law.


Drug Crimes – If you are being charged with a drug crime, it is vital that you retain an experienced lawyer who can effectively
defend you and help preserve your freedom.

Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels provides knowledgeable representation of defendants charged
with a wide variety of drug offenses, including (but not limited to):

· Drug Cultivation
· Drug Distribution
· Drug Manufacturing
· Drug Possession
· Drug Sales
· Establishment of a Meth Lab
· Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
· Possession with Intent to Distribute

Drug charges can be extremely serious, resulting in lengthy prison sentences upon a Felony Drug Conviction. Mr. Michels will fight
vigorously on your behalf to help you retain your freedom.

Riverside Defense Lawyer John L. Michels helps clients resolve their misdemeanor cases by taking advantage of numerous
alternative sentencing programs which are available in Riverside’s Drug Courts. Successful completion of a drug diversion program
may result in a case being dismissed.

If you have been charged with the commission of a Drug Crime in Riverside, contact us today at (951) 276-8900 to make an
appointment for a free consultation with one of the region’s most successful Criminal Defense Attorneys.


DUI & Driving Offenses – The Law Office of Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels takes great pride in
providing exemplary legal representation to clients who are being prosecuted for the commission of a broad range
of DUI and Driving Offenses, including (but not limited to) the following:

· Driving under the Influence of Alcohol
· Driving under the Influence of Prescription Drug Medication
· Driving under the Influence of Illicit Drugs
· Driving while Intoxicated
· Driving on a Suspended License
· Driving on a Revoked License
· Driving without a Valid License
· Excessive Speeding
· Felony DUI
· Reckless Driving
· Hit and Run
· Vehicular Manslaughter

If convicted of any of the offenses listed above, defendants may face large fines, revocation of their driving privileges, jail time, and
a potentially lengthy prison sentence. Factors which will be taken under consideration include prior offenses and the severity of
harm caused to others.

A former prosecutor, Mr. Michels possesses an in-depth understanding of the procedures and tactics which the
DA’s office employs when trying these cases. When defending a client charged with a DUI or DWI, we will fight
zealously to keep you out of jail and / or prison by challenging the:

· Legality of the Arrest
· Legality of the Basis of the Stop
· Results of Blood, Breath or Urine Tests
· Results of Field Sobriety Tests

If you have been arrested or are being prosecuted for a DUI or Serious Driving Offense, contact Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer
John L. Michels immediately to schedule a free initial consultation. Please call (951) 276-8900. We are available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. Our main priority is to help you retain your freedom!


Expungement – Have you been convicted of a crime? If so, Riverside Criminal Law Attorney John Michels may be able to help you
clear your record by helping you obtain an Expungement, even if you were convicted of a felony offense (certain exceptions apply).

Upon being granted an expungement, the conviction for which you wish to obtain an expungement will be set aside and the record
will be altered to reflect that the case was dismissed. This allows individuals to obtain a fresh start, enabling them to pass both
employment and residential background checks, qualify for professional licensing, and secure financial aid to advance their

In order to qualify for an Expungement, you must meet the following requirements (as applicable):

· You never served time in State Prison
· All the terms of your probation have been completed
· All mandatory fines & restitution have been paid in full
· You have complied with all of the terms of court ordered counseling
· You have completed all court ordered community service
· You are not currently being prosecuted for the commission of a new crime
· You were not convicted of a serious sexual offense, including sexual crimes against children

Riverside Criminal Law Lawyer John L. Michels has more than 16 years’ experience successfully obtaining Expungements on behalf
of qualifying clients. Contact us for additional information.


Murder – If criminal charges have been filed against you for the death of another, it is imperative that you seek knowledgeable,
skilled legal representation immediately.

Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels has vast experience handling cases involving violent crimes
against others resulting in death, including:

· Crimes of Passion Resulting in Death
· DUI Resulting in Death
· Felony Murder
· First Degree Murder
· Homicide
· Involuntary Manslaughter
· Manslaughter
· Second Degree Murder
· Vehicular Manslaughter
· Voluntary Manslaughter

Whether you are under investigation for or have been charged with any homicide or murder offense, call the Law Office of John L.
Michels today! Mr. Michels has a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, and will work diligently to form the
best defense possible based on the circumstances of your case.

Call (951) 276-8900 to make an appointment for your free, confidential consultation with one of Riverside’s leading Criminal
Defense Lawyers.


Probation Violations – Generally an alternative to incarceration, probation allows offenders to avoid jail or juvenile detention as
long as they comply with the terms set forth by the Court, the Probation Department, and their Probation Officer. Probation may be
deemed either formal or informal, and each carries different requirements.

Informal probation does not require registration, and the individual is not placed under supervision. The primary requirement is that
the offender obeys all State & Federal Laws for the duration of their probation.

Formal Probation requires registration with the Probation Department and supervision by a Probation Officer throughout the
assigned probationary period. Those who have been assigned Formal Probation must meet with their Probation Officers on a
regular basis.

While on probation, individuals are subject to searches of their persons, their residence, their vehicle, and all personal belongings.

If you violate any of the terms of probation, you may face severe consequences, including:

· Immediate Arrest & Confinement
· Mandatory Incarceration
· Revocation of any Stayed Judicial Sentencing
· Harsher Sentencing

Should you find yourself facing a probation violation hearing, it is crucial that you contact the Law Office of Riverside Criminal
Defense Attorney John L. Michels as soon as possible at (951) 276-8900. Mr. Michels will meet with the prosecutor and your
probation officer in an attempt to clear up any misunderstanding, and will fight zealously to keep you out of jail. We proudly
represent clients in Riverside and throughout all of the surrounding communities.


Theft Crimes – John Michels represents clients who are under investigation or being prosecuted for a wide variety
of misdemeanor and felony theft crimes in Riverside, including those accused of the following:

· Armed Robbery
· Automobile Theft
· Carjacking
· Check Fraud
· Commercial Burglary
· Counterfeiting
· Embezzlement
· Forgery
· Grand Theft
· Identity Theft
· Petty Theft
· Residential Burglary
· Shoplifting
· Theft by Fraud or Deceit

Based upon the nature of the crime for which you are being prosecuted, sentencing may range from the imposition of court fines,
restitution, probation, and jail time to life imprisonment. Determinative factors include whether a conviction was obtained for a
misdemeanor or felony theft crime, prior criminal history or lack thereof, the monetary value of the property or monies taken, and
whether a gun or other deadly weapon was used during the commission of the crime.


Three Strikes Cases – Under California Law, those convicted of the commission of a qualifying violent crime or other serious
felonies are subject to harsher penalties for each subsequent conviction.

Violent and / or serious felonies as enumerated in California’s Penal Code include (but are not limited to):

· Armed Robbery
· Arson
· Attempted Murder
· Drug Trafficking Offenses
· Grand Theft
· Kidnapping
· Murder
· Robbery
· Sex Crimes against Children
· Violent Gang Crimes
· Violent Sex Crimes
· Weapon Enhancements

Sentencing guidelines call for the automatic doubling of a prison sentence for conviction of a second serious or violent felony, and a
mandatory sentence of 25 years to life upon conviction of a third qualifying Three Strikes offense.

A highly experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney John Michels fights tenaciously to protect and defend the rights of the
accused. When your freedom is at stake, you want the very best on your side! Contact Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John
Michels at (951) 276-8900 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Mr. Michels and his team of expert investigators will thoroughly review your case to determine how best to defend you against
these charges. Helping you maintain your freedom is our primary goal! Call today.


White Collar Crimes – The phrase “White Collar Crimes” typically refers to nonviolent financial crimes that are perpetrated by
professionals within the banking, business and financial worlds. Conviction may carry severe consequences, including lengthy prison
sentences. As a general rule, extremely egregious acts resulting in the theft of large sums of money will lead to harsher penalties.

At the Law Office of John Michels, we have been successfully representing clients accused of committing White Collar Crimes in and
around the Riverside area for more than 15 years. Let us put our experience to work for you!

Examples of White Collar Crimes include (but are not limited to) the following:

· Bank Fraud
· Embezzlement
· Forgery
· Money Laundering
· Ponzi Schemes
· Securities Fraud
· Tax Evasion
· Tax Fraud
· Theft by Fraud

If you are under investigation by any police or government agency for the suspicion of committing any crimes that fall within this
category, it is imperative that you contact an experienced, highly qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer prior to talking to anyone else.

Attorney John L. Michels will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected and prevent you from making any incriminating
statements that could be used against you during future litigation.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Riverside

If you have been arrested or are being accused of committing a crime, contact Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer John L.
Michels today. Attorney Michels provides a free consultation and is available to his clients 24 hours a day!

Attorney John Michels and his investigative team of former prosecutors and law enforcement officers will fight aggressively to get
your case dismissed and keep you out of jail! These individuals bring added credibility to our defense investigation, to the benefit of
our clients.  We are familiar with the DA’s practices and procedures and know how to get favorable results for you!

An active member of the community since 1998 and well respected by his fellow Criminal Defense Lawyers, District Attorneys, and
Judges, Attorney John L. Michels has cultivated and maintained personal and professional relationships with many of his colleagues
in the legal community. Attorney John Michels is well liked and respected by his peers. This allows Mr. Michels to advocate even
more effectively on behalf of his clients.  

If you have been arrested, stand accused of a crime, are facing a probation or parole violation, or seek to have your criminal
record expunged, please complete our Criminal Defense Case Evaluation Form. Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L.
Michels will contact you as soon as possible.


For immediate assistance, call (951) 276-8900 today to make an appointment for your free,
completely confidential consultation!


Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels defends clients in a broad range of criminal defense matters
throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas, including:

Riverside, Banning, Beaumont, Canyon Lake, Corona, Grand Terrace, Hemet, Homeland, Lake Elsinore, Loma Linda, Menifee,
Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Nuevo, Perris, Redlands, Riverside County, Romoland, Rubidoux, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Sun
City, Temecula, Wildomar, Winchester.

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