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If you have been convicted of a crime and want to obtain an Expungement to clear your criminal record, you require a skilled criminal defense lawyer who possesses the experience necessary to ensure that you can move forward with your life and put your mistakes behind you! An expungement will allow you better opportunities for employment, help you obtain the state licensing required for certain professions, and pass background checks for housing.
Riverside Expungement Attorney John Michels
Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels has been successfully expunging criminal convictions for clients in the Inland Empire for over ten years.
The Law Offices of John L. Michels is solely devoted to the defense of those charged with a crime or seeking to clear their criminal record. Contact us at (951) 276-8900 to schedule an appointment for your complimentary in office consultation.
· You were not sentenced to serve time in State Prison
· You have successfully completed the terms of probation, including
   payment of mandatory fines, completion of court ordered counseling or
   community service, and have made full restitution as directed by
   the court
· Are not presently charged with a crime
· Are not presently on probation
· Are not presently serving a prison sentence for conviction of a crime
· You were not convicted of committing a sex offense against a child.

An expungement will have the effect of altering the disposition of your
case from reflecting a “conviction” to reflecting a “dismissal.” Although an expungement may clear your criminal record, it will not prevent the court from considering the original conviction in relation to a subsequent Three Strikes case.

If the Court determines that you meet all of the requirements and expunges your felony conviction, you may be allowed to have all of the rights that you lost as a convicted felon fully restored.

Although sex crimes can only be expunged in very limited circumstances, Mr. Michels may be able to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation that will eliminate the requirement to register as a sex offender.

Riverside Expungement Attorney John Michels has the skill and experience required to make a persuasive argument to the Court that your request for expungement should be granted, and that you are unlikely to commit additional crimes. Expungements are extremely complicated and it is crucial to retain a lawyer who has a full understanding of the process, and what the Courts are going to examine when making a determination whether to grant your petition. 

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If you have been convicted of a crime and want information about getting your criminal record expunged, please call Riverside Expungement Attorney John L. Michels today at (951) 276-8900 to make an appointment for your free, confidential consultation!

How to Expunge your Criminal Record in Riverside

Under California Law, you may be entitled to expungement of a misdemeanor or felony conviction if all of the following apply:

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